Behind the Scenes - The Tree of Lost Secrets

Statue of Liberty waves her torch in front of Ellis Island

Garden Tour at MorningSide

Brooklyn Bridge

Church Steeple in Brattleboro, Vermont

Brown Building at NYU, formerly Asch Building, where Triangle fire occurred

Covered Bridge in Vermont

Brown Building at NYU, formerly Asch Building, where Triangle fire occurred

Welcome Sign to Vermont

Northern Dispensary, founded 1827, Greenwich Village

Tulip Garden

CO Bigelow Pharmacy, dates to 1838, Greenwich Village

Curly Loves the Snow!

Corner Bleecker and Macdougal Streets, Greenwich Village

John and Lynne at Fox Farm Road

I moved back to Brattleboro, Vermont after many years in San Diego, California. It was not as much a culture shock as one might think because I had lived here years ago . . . and loved it.

Brattleboro is a lively, artsy, and cultural community of about 12,000 in the southern part of Vermont. It is located on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Besides its cultural amenities of concerts, plays and live theater, the town offers much in the way of history and architecture. It was incorporated in 1753 and houses are often in the cape cod or colonial style, often on large sprawling properties.

It is an environmental feast for the eyes, especially if you love the color green. Vermont is, of course, in the Green Mountains and the license plates prove it. The flora and fauna are magnificent and just driving on the Interstate is a pleasure, well, except in a blizzard.

Each season has its own beauty and you can see from my photos how I’ve enjoyed them. I’ve particularly enjoyed the winter around the holidays. There’s nothing like a snowy white old-fashioned Christmas.

In my latest book, I take the reader back to the American Revolution. While fighting was not fought here, warriors from Brattleboro played significant roles . . . as they did in World War I, World War II, the Underground Railroad, and the Civil War. There are many monuments and plaques around the state honoring the soldiers who fought in these conflicts.

Living in Brattleboro since 2016, and writing in my office, which overlooks giant maple trees and a great expanse of green, I knew I had to write a book with a backdrop here. Many places and people are real, as in all of my novels. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.