Time Exposure

Time Exposure
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Awards:  B.R.A.G. Medallion™ Honoree,  2017.

In present day Washington, D.C., renowned digital photographer Maggie Thornhill discovers a mummified corpse in her basement. She believes it to be her ancestor, famed Civil War photographer Joseph Thornhill. The truth she uncovers, however, will change written history as we know it.


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Behind the scenes of Time Exposure – Photos and Back Stories

“Time Exposure provides strands of history well-woven with a compelling modern day story.  Twists and turns throughout history end with a modern day whodunit.  Terrific!

– Aly Evans


“Intrigue spans a century – from the Civil War to modern day.  Author Lynne Kennedy links Abraham Lincoln’s day to characters living and working in the 21st century.  High-tech photo labs uncover scintillating connections that lead Maggie Thornhill on an amazing journey.  Action, science and romance combine to provide a great read!

–Margaret Rodriquez, M.D.


“TIME EXPOSURE has it all—a thriller with an historic backdrop and modern-day political intrigue.  Lynne Kennedy introduces Maggie Thornhill, a character I won’t soon forget–a tenacious red-head with the brains and cutting edge technology needed to solve an old family mystery with current global implications ….”

– Pam Crooks, Guidebook author/editor