Behind the Scenes - Time Lapse

Annie Chapman Murder
Hanbury Street

Site of Last-Known Ripper Victim
Mary Kelly Murder

Jack The Ripper Tour

News Stories

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Police Sergeant Robert Sagar

Looking down Durward Street
Where Mary Nichols was Found

I’ve always wondered why Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never had his character Sherlock Holmes solve the mystery of the Jack the Ripper murders.  So, I decided to help him along.  Conan Doyle, that is.

My research into the Jack the Ripper murders took me to England and the still seedy Whitechapel district, where–and this will come as no surprise–nighttime tours of the Ripper murder sites were being offered for a nominal fee.  Naturally, I signed up.

The sites look quite different now, as you can imagine.  Still the streets and buildings retain the dark, atmospheric ambience you might expect for 1888.  In fact, Victorian England was not a place I would have liked to inhabit, unless I was of the aristocracy.  The hoi poloi had it quite rough.

I enclose some photos of my trip, as well as illustrations and photos of the Ripper murders.