This is my second blog on this subject and I have substituted new reviews for the ones in the original piece.

Every so often I visit my book pages on Amazon to see if any new reviews have come in.  Some of the initial reviews were family and friends, of course, so I knew they’d be pretty positive.  But when the new reader reviews started coming in, I was fascinated.  Some were funny, some not so.

ReviewsJust as in writing a book, writing a review reveals a glimpse into the writer’s true identity — on which side of the political aisle s/he stands.  How s/he feels about love, hate, money, ethnicity, religion, values and much more.   I learned something from all of them so I decided to share a few with you.

TIME EXPOSURE 5 stars: “Excellent Story!  This was a fascinating book.  I literally couldn’t put it down.  I had seen movies about Booth, but none of them impressed me.  This book did.  I loved the twists and turns.  It was well written with no errors at all.  It kept me reading it until I finished.”

TIME EXPOSURE 4 stars:Kennedy has the knack.  This was another fun read…a little over-the-top plot wise but it’s an arguable sequence of events and given the constancy of greed and political corruption I found myself sympathetic to the story. The conclusion is less compelling but I do recommend this one. Lots of Civil War info.”

I’m bummed the reader didn’t like the conclusion.  This was a real twist . . . or so I thought.  Ah well.

DEADLY PROVENANCE 5 stars:An author who can capture a period in time as well as Rockwell does on canvas. An intriguing display of mystery and perhaps many ways to look at a long held opinion of a time where nothing was sacred.”

I’d love more of these, wouldn’t you?  Honest, I don’t know this person.  But I’d like to.

DEADLY PROVENANCE 3 stars: “Art Crime and WW2 Easy fun read…. Detectives and art are always an interesting combination, add ww2 to the mix and it’s a hit.”

What made it three rather than 4 stars?

writerPURE LIES 2 stars: “Not up to Kennedy’s usual standards. This rework of the Salem Witch Trials is heavy-handed and much too long. I saw the ending coming from mid-book — too bad. I’m a fan of Deadly Provenance. This one …not so much.”

I really appreciate comments like this.  It’s honest and she says why she rated it low.

PURE LIES 5 stars: “There are two stories in this book – I definitely recommend it – especially for book club folks. I also think it should be made into a movie. Lynne does her research and picks her subject matter carefully. Greed, real estate values, hysterical young, bored maidens and corrupt (Puritan Clergy) men formulated this tragic, true historical period and got away with it for years. Does this sound familiar? History does repeat itself, which needs to be told.”

It’s obvious to me the reader read this book carefully and culled out some of the important motivations for the witch trials.  Thank you!

THE TRIANGLE MURDERS 5 stars:A puzzle within a puzzle. I very much enjoyed Kennedy’s historical fiction with two murders tied 100 years apart to an actual historic event: the Triangle Factory fire of 1911. I am looking forward to reading more books from this author. Her thorough research and engaging story kept me reading faster and faster. An ingenious plot pulled off extraordinarily well.”

I love the “puzzle within a puzzle!” I’m also pleased that the reader felt I had done my research.

I urge you to check out your own book reviews from time to time.  What did you learn?  Share them with us.